Thursday, February 26, 2009


After receiving a message on Facebook from the 'People against Sri Ram Sena and Pramod Muthalik' group that I had joined, asking members to refrain from writing anything that might be deemed defamatory on the wall of the group, in wake of a 'recent Supreme Court ruling', I decided to check what the fuss was about. After all, wasn't the whole point of creating the said group, criticism of the party in question? I looked up TOI, and realized this is what the message was referring to.

Reacting to these posts, the Shiv Sena youth wing's state secretary registered a criminal complaint at Thane police station in August 2008 based on which FIR was registered against Ajith under Sections 506 and 295A pertaining to hurting public sentiment.
Starting an anti Shiv Sena community on Orkut = hurting public sentiment??!!! Since when? Like the Shiv Sena echoes public sentiment and the public unanimously and unequivocally supports the Shiv Sena.

I am not going to write about how this is blatant stifling of the freedom of expression. Most comments on the article echo my exact sentiments. And it makes me ponder over the ridiculousness of the decision. Is this what has become of justice in India?

Unimpressed, the Bench said, "We cannot quash criminal proceedings. You are a computer student and you know how many people access internet portals...
Welcome to teh internets, Mess(e)rs. Balakrishnan and Sathasivam! Here, you will find hate communities for anyone and anything that has ever existed, more so public figures and political parties - George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Shah Rukh Khan, Slumdog Millionaire, toilet paper, Amitabh Bachchan, herpes, gay people. Heck! There might be a hate community about me out there somewhere that I am unaware of, created by 16 year girls discussing the most excruciating ways by which I must be put to death because I said 'Twilight' did not impress me much. Surely, a hate mongering party that thrives on divisive politics might expect to find one that criticizes them? Or is public criticism of anything a crime now? Or is that just restricted to criticism of big goons? Starting an orkut community calls for a court trial? How about I make a movie that criticizes and ridicules the government, like Michael Moore? Would that warrant a death sentence? If tards like the complainant in this case, go BAWWWWWW!!! over anything that has ever been written against them, are you going to have us all arrested and appear before you in court? Are most of the commentators on the TOI article criminals? Will you be charging them with disrespecting the court decision?

I'll tell you what. I implore everybody reading this to stand up against this atrocious decision and put up the most provocative, defaming, ridiculing post or opinion that these tards deserve on your blogs. Or start more hate communities. Let us send out a message - If you are in the public arena, be ready to face the heat or bow the fuck out. People will have opinions about you. Some might praise you. Others will not be so generous. Some might be polite. Others will disembowel you outright for what it is worth. Let us do this, and let us see how many of us they can stop from speaking our minds out in public. Let us deny these bullies the one thing they survive on - our fear. When you are a major political party and have to complain when a 19 year old starts an orkut community that criticizes you, you prove to be the wussies we already know you are.

Balakrishnan and Sathasivam, you have made a laughable, ludicrous, unjust and unconstitutional decision. One that tramples on citizens' fundamental right to freedom of expression. And as an ironic consequence, you should expect hate communities about you and infinite ridicule hurled your way. You have brought India's judicial system to shame, and in the process made yourselves look like morons with heads up your asses.

There! Hah! I just publicly humiliated you. To any tards reading this, go ahead and flag my blog. Or try to have me arrested. Send me a summons. Slap provocation and defamation charges against my butt. Do the only thing you are good at - bullying. I want to see just how far you can go to smother free speech.
*High-fives Ajith for standing up to the cowardly bullies*
*Flips the tards*