Monday, December 08, 2008

Terrorists DO have religions

I get irked when people say terrorists have no religion. In the aftermath of the recent terrorist attacks in Bombay, this is the statement I seem to hear/read the most. Everybody from Manmohan Singh to Aamir Khan to the general public seems to be endorsing this view. Now, if this is a knee-jerk reaction to avoid a communal scene in the wake of the attacks by laying the blame on the entire Muslim community, something bigots in our country love to do, I am with the intention, but against the reaction itself. The statement has recklessly deep and harmful implications.

Firstly, people that have no religion are the atheists, agnostics and the non-religious. The 'Istics', myself included. When you say terrorists have no religion, you directly put them in the same category as us. We are not the ones flying planes into buildings, bombing cities and gunning people down. We don't live a life fueled by dogmatic beliefs. Please don't put us together. What you say implies that you hold religion and the religious as infallible, untouchable, and if somebody engages in mindless carnage, they have got to be non-religious. Not true. Unacceptable.

Secondly, with a statement like that, you are overlooking the fact that there is a problem with religion. You are giving religion a free pass. Remember that religions were created by humans, and can only be as good as the people practicing them. Religion is not just scripture; it also includes the deeds people carry out in its name. Terrorists kill because they believe god instructs them to. They believe in a god and pray to him. They are religious. That is why we call them 'religious extremists'. Admit it. And deal with it accordingly. Don't exonerate religion from flaw. Unless we accept this, we won't get to the root of the problem. It will keep hitting us. Terrorists can have any religion. While the generic face of global terror today is the Islamic jehadist, there are terrorists from other religions too - There are Christian terrorists in Nagaland. The Bajrang Dal and the RSS are Hindu terrorists. Raj Thackeray and his MNS pinheads are Maharashtrian terrorists - regional terrorists! So you see, terrorists can belong to any religion or region.

Having said that, I next wish to directly address the role that religion plays in terror. And while I have just shown how terrorists can belong to any religion, and people that know me, know me to be as secular as one can get, I am sure that even the most devout of all Muslims reading this post, would regretfully agree that as far as terrorism goes, the most formidable problem facing the world today, and one that refuses to go away easily, is the terror caused by Islamic jehadists. Muslims in India, both civilians and religious preachers, have gone on record condemning the attacks, saying that Islam does not preach or permit the murder of innocents, and that the terrorists have misconstrued the Qur'an. Some have even pleaded with the terrorists in newspaper columns to stop calling themselves the representatives of the Muslim community, and that they are maligning Muslims all over the world by doing so. I believe all these sentiments are genuine. I believe that these people are honestly shocked that the terrorists should use Islam as an excuse for the cold blooded murder of innocents. They say and honestly believe that Islam is a religion of peace. Why all the carnage then? Why is Islamic terrorism threatening the world with mindless violence and destruction? The motive is political, I agree. But what makes certain Muslim youth so gullible to be brainwashed by these 'politickers' and fall for divisive politics, take to violence and declare war against 80% of humanity? If Islam preaches peace, how is it so easily used to cause the perpetrators of the terrorist acts to lose all empathy for human life?

Here is why: The Qur'an can be interpreted either way. Moderates would read certain verses and interpret them in way that would imply that Islam only teaches peace, love and tolerance. The extremists read the same verses and arrive at a completely different, diagonally opposite conclusion, one that implies that Islam calls for a war on all other religions, and righteous bloodshed for its cause. Why the two (or more) separate interpretations? Because Islam, like every other religion in the world, and the Qur'an, like every other religious text that exists, was written by men. Mortal, fallible men, and so, like every other religion and 'sacred text', it is ambiguous and open to interpretation. Moderates interpret it as preaching love and peace, because they WANT it to preach love and peace. They have a sense of distinguishing between right and wrong, and so if a particular verse seems to be endorsing violence, they either overlook it or interpret the same verse in a different context that makes it seem more valid. And this source of the ability to choose the right from the wrong, does not stem from religion itself, but from having lived in society and learned the importance of mutual altruism - that the only way to live in the world is to do to others what you would have them do to you, and not do what you yourself wouldn't like to be done to you. This is exactly what people of every religion do - pick and choose; sieve the 'right' from the 'wrong', overlook the 'wrong' or interpret it to imply something 'right'. But the ability to scan religion itself, to separate the right from the wrong, has its roots outside religion. So, the reason moderate Muslims are condemning the attacks in Bombay, is not because the Qur'an says so, but for the same reason that non-Muslims are doing the same - because it is so OBVIOUSLY WRONG. You don't need religion to tell you this. You don't need religion to instruct you to have love and respect for human life, and to not destroy it mercilessly. It however, took religion to brainwash a few young kids, who would perhaps have otherwise grown up to be good, law abiding citizens, before they could be given the chance to think for themselves and develop the discerning ability that I wrote about above, and to convert them into killing machines for god, with zero empathy for the gift of life.

Reminds me of a quote by Steven Weinberg, 1979 Noble Prize winner in Physics - "Even without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion." Certainly true in the case of the Bombay gunmen. And the case of the 19 well-to-do, educated youth that carried out the 9/11 attacks. And the perpetrators of the 2005 London bombings. And the Hindu fundamentalists that carried out violent attacks against Muslims in the 2002 post-Godhra carnage in Gujarat. The list is endless.

We need reason, not religion.


Mayuri said...

Now you are talking!!

Vivek Khanna said...

Hey man its an aweosome article...well done..i agree to every wrd in it..i think there needs to be a proper brainstorming within muslims so that they can revive their religion as a peace lovoing religion and can stop these anti elements from making innocent youth the victom of it

waseem said...

Well, Nicely written.
Here is what I want you to think. Do you believe in Constitution (any country not just India or US)? Draw parallels with religion, now there is a debate. isn't it?

reena said...

Dear Aseem
Besides the fact that as a mother I am likely to praise your article , it was amasing and it really stunned my mind realising the honesty and the bitter truth in it.At the same time it acts as a balm on my mind which bled when i saw the pictures and video of these terrorists on T.V. when i kept remebering you as the killers were around the same age ,wearing the sort of clothes and hairstyles any boy like you would prefer, but for the madness in their eyes instead of the dreams our chilren would have.
It is good to realise that for a few terrorists there are innumerable youths who think like you do and I hope will strive to make a difference .
Love you

Harsha said...

Interesting and well-written. Need time to digest it all,will comment in detail later...

The Simpleton said...

very well written. I share your sentiments completely.

zero-state said...

Absolutely true! Well written! I completely agree with your take on religion and how each society interprets it. How I wish if each one of us in this world had this level of understanding!

I think this has much to do with our education. The way we are taught our history lessons, our moral lessons. The only religion that I would learn and teach would be 'humanity'! Do we need anything more if we get this right?

Sanket Bhale said...

Funny you keep claimin that religion is main reason for terrorism even after havin prolonged debate about how people are usually after power and money and religion, region, language, ideologies etc. are just tools in the hands of power hungry men...they just use these as instruments...

The statement "terrorist Do have religion" seizes to be true if you consider Naxalite terrorism or terrorism by supporters of Raj in Maharashtra or American terrorism around the are usin very narrow definition of terrorism...Even I like religion bashing and I'm personally fiercely anti-religion...but I don't agree with you on this...

Anyways if not religion terrorist definitely seem to have GENDER..isn't it?? How come almost every terrorist is Male?? If we go by your logic...all of us (men) should seize to be men...I wonder how we gonna do that?? :)

dustin said...

Absolutely right, thinking like this can't be crammed into a person's head, it can only be obtained by pursuing worldly knowledge and not letting others dictate what you are to do and think. To quote an author there are no Christian children and there are no Muslim children, for a child has not made up their own mind yet on what they are.
This reminds me of the media's treatment of the IRA in news reporting and the fact that they ignore that the terrorism in England and Ireland is due to Catholic and Protestant differences.
Today I still fear for the future of Europe. Just when they are becoming really secular the Muslim minority in countries grow. According to predictions, in a very short time there will be a Muslim majority in European countries.

Aditya said...

True. Politically enforced violence is also a from of terrorism. But I think Aseem is making a point against those who always tend to conveniently separate religion form it’s religious fanatics. These talkers don’t even argue about it being a politically influenced religious violence. They just say “Terrorism has no religion”. Isn’t this disturbingly wrong? You say it has politics written over it. But is it always?? Do you think that the terrorist attacks in Mumbai recently were politically fueled? Well I really don’t. ISI might have gotten a free ride if their interference is to be considered. But right from the Planners, the Trainers to the Implementers it was religiously motivated. The religion of Islam being the culprit. It’s not people who want power, it’s religion which wants to be in power here. You would agree but some people really won’t and I think Aseem is questioning the opinion of such retards. But he should’ve specified the exclusion of politically influenced religious violence in his blog to which I am sure he will agree.
Religion is not the only reason but it certainly is a very strong independent reason for the occurrence of terrorism.
Religion is not harmless, even the religious moderates aren’t – but that’s a different story.
Yeah and that analogy is funny.

jk said...

its strange that u believe in Astrological Sign than in religion!

Ace said...


I do not believe in astrology or astrological signs. If you see my astrological sign on my blogger profile, it is because google blogger determines it by default from your date of birth and displays the same. I haven't typed it there myself.

jk said...

religion holds people together!
religion is celebration!
religion is custom!
religion is fun!
religion gives u a way of life!
religion marks ur tradition!
religion is belief system and hope!

there r more benefits of religion and few people like terrorist and non believers are niche.
m proud to be a HINDU.

Ace said...

religion holds people together!
Religion divides people more than holding them together. You should unite with people because they are worth being with, not because you happen to follow the same religion.

religion is celebration!
You don't need religion to celebrate. You can celebrate when your favorite team wins a cricket match. You can celebrate when you get a job or get good grades in school.

religion is custom!
I don't see why this deserves a (!) mark.

religion is fun!
Movies are fun too.

religion gives u a way of life!
Your profession and hobbies are more likely to give you a way of life than religion.

religion marks ur tradition!
I don't see how this is necessarily a good thing.

religion is belief system and hope!
I don't know about you, but I prefer the truth over false beliefs and false hopes.

there r more benefits of religion
Disagree. There are more ill effects.

few people like terrorist and non believers are niche.
What the hell is 'niche'?

m proud to be a HINDU.
Muslims are as proud to be Muslims and Christians are as proud to be Christians. That doesn't score your defense of religion a brownie point.

Ace said...


I am sorry, but I don't get your point. What do you mean, 'believe' in Constitution? Do I believe Constitutions are correct in everything? No, I don't. India's Constitution, for instance, claims India is secular, which by definition, implies that there is separation of church and state. Why, then, as per this very Constitution, do we have different laws for different people based on the religion they follow? Marriage acts and adoption laws, for instance.

jk said...

human being are just like any other animal,u believe it or not.
only difference is thinking power and ability to use it.there r many things that go on which are not under our control and r unjust .
u simply cant do anything abt it.
by not believing in religion u don't believe in a supreme power which control us and existence of this so called universe,which u are too small as a person to ignore.
niche means small/minority.

Ace said...

I happen to agree with most parts of your comment, except the by not believing in religion u don't believe in a supreme power which control us and existence of this so called universe part of it. If there is a supreme power that controls us, please provide evidence for the same. And I shall be obliged if you could provide a theistic argument which hasn't been refuted already. Also, while you are at it, please give me a link to a reliable online dictionary that defines 'niche' as you put it in the above comment. Thanks.

jk said...

hey brother ,u seem to be a HINDU too (i m expecting a strong remark from ur side)
u seem to be educated and learned a lot ,u might have read 'n' nos of books till date
but have u tried reading bhagvat gita ,which apparently is best management book of life.
u don't read it because its connected with religion.
maybe there are some side effects of religion (everything has)but it simply isn't outdated as u try to present it.
a man without religion is animal w/out direction.
u need proof /evidence of GOD ,ha.ha
why do some people suffering get cured ?when medical science claims otherwise.
why are people across the world in different state/positions ?its simply not just because of work,everybody works.
why do u die and what happens after that?
what is the need for our existence?
why r u required in this world?
how did the world evolve?
if u answer these questions perfectly i shall give u the proof of god.

Ace said...

I am not a Hindu. I was raised in a Hindu family sure, but I am an atheist and a secular humanist.

a man without religion is animal w/out direction
That's a baseless, outrageous statement. Just how much blood has been shed in the name of religion? And how many people have the non-religious killed? The list of atheist and agnostic philanthropists is endless. To give you an Indian example, Baba Amte devoted his life to assuage the suffering of lepers, and he was a known atheist. Would you say his life was without direction?

why do some people suffering get cured?
Why do only some people get cured? If there is a god, why doesn't everyone get cured? Why do some perfectly healthy people fall sick and sometimes drop dead?

why are people across the world in different state/positions?
Huh! Why? Because god wants it that way? Is that what you are saying?

why do u die and what happens after that? what is the need for our existence? why r u required in this world?
There is absolutely no need for our existence. One major asteroid strike, and we might be wiped out in a stroke, that is, if we haven't killed off one another by then. We have existed for a few million years. The universe is billions of years old. We have existed for a tiny fraction of the time for which the universe has existed. There never was a need for us to exist for those billions of years. The universe has and will exist for a lot more time than us. It will outlive us. Heck, we probably haven't even been here for as long as the dinosaurs lived. Cockroaches have been on earth longer than we have.

how did the world evolve?
Life evolved from unicellular organisms by the process of evolution. Life itself evolved from organic compounds (amino acids chiefly) by a process of chemical evolution called abiogenesis, which is currently still a hot research subject. The universe itself began as a singularity and collapsed to what we see today as the expanding universe; this is what is popularly known today as the 'Big Bang' theory. Of course, we don't have all the answers. But we are discovering more and more with time. We may or may not discover everything about our origin, or the origin of the universe. But a honest 'We don't know, but we can try to find out' is a lot better answer than saying 'Goddidit!!!' and not attempting to unravel the beautiful mysteries that the universe holds within itself.

I had requested you to present points that haven't already been answered before. I have gone through these with many theists before. And if you search google and youtube, you will find many such discussions/debates, with the theists asking the exact same questions as you, all answered, and all their points refuted. Kindly present something new that hasn't been discussed a thousand times already.

jk said...

ur stubborn ;;maybe u haven't faced life yet ,everything seems smooth till date for u with grace of god.
its good for u.

only time can teach u

dinosaurs u talk abt ?whats proof of their existence? just some fossils .which can be crafted too!

where as their is enough evidence of all so called mythological stories for them to be true.

the very existence of supreme power cannot be ignored by some small person like u.

read bhagvat gita (just like u read a interesting book)with interest and u will realize things .
GOD bless u.

jk said...

i would also like to comment abt ur discoveries
let me tell u something u discover for nxt 100 yrs or nxt 1000yrs and u will still be discovering
there is no end to it.
as u cannot find the TRUTH
as u have discarded/scraped it.
u dont want to accept the truth .
no one can help u
keep discovering buddy.and let me know when ur done.
GOD bless u.

Ace said...

maybe u haven't faced life yet ,everything seems smooth till date for u
How do you infer that? And what does it have to do with a belief or disbelief in god? Can't anybody that has led a life of hardship and suffering be an atheist?

dinosaurs u talk abt ?whats proof of their existence? just some fossils .which can be crafted too!
Dude! You got to be kidding me. You are the first dinosaur-denialist I have met. You ask me to read the Bhagvad Gita. I ask you to pick up an elementary school science textbook to know the evidence for the existence of dinosaurs. Just some fossils? Have you the slightest idea of what a fossil is, how they are formed, how and where they are recovered, how they are dated, and how and what information they tell us about the fossilized plant or animal?

the very existence of supreme power cannot be ignored by some small person like u.
It can, and has, by persons small and big.

GOD bless u.
Gee.thanks. *awkwardness*

Ace said...

let me tell u something u discover for nxt 100 yrs or nxt 1000yrs and u will still be discovering
there is no end to it.

If you've read my earlier comment, I have mentioned this point. I have mentioned the possibility that while we are discovering more and more about the world around us, we might never discover everything. But, if we just say 'goddidit!!!', we'll never attempt to discover anything, and just be satisfied with our ignorance.

jk said...

atheist atheist atheist
congrats on being atheist.
how do claim elementary books written are true .
do u have first hand information?
have u seen the fossils ?
have u done research on that?
see u always don't see things and verify them,u simply take them granted ,u read and understand
take things
when books say fossils exists u believe them don't u?
u don't go and verify where u get petrol from ?
or u telling me u have gone deep inside earth to see existence of fuel.
just like that its good to not believe in god but u cant ignore its existence.
i advocate reading bhagvat gita not because ur a hindu but its best book written till date.
i know u will not read it
still ,god bless u.
even with or without awkwardness

jk said...

u don't believe in god
similarly i don't believe in dinosaur .
something which is not seen cannot be believed
i think dinosaur are imaginary and some fools running in circles to find more about it ,sheer waste of time isn't it.

u have same opinion about god isn't it.

Ace said...

Oh yes I have seen fossils and studied about them. I recommend you visit a museum of natural history. Having friends amongst palaeontologists would be a definite plus too. Read peer reviewed scientific journals, if you don't trust elementary school textbooks. Don't take my word for it. Go study a fossil for yourself.

Ace said...

I believe in something when there is evidence for it. There is evidence for dinosaurs. There is no evidence for a supernatural deity. Your comments are getting increasingly inane. I hope you realize that.

jk said...

u call my statements inane ,ur claim of being ashiest is it self baseless

u don't answer all my question because u simply cant answer them
and not bcause they are inane.

show me a dinosaur and i shall believe it existed.(not the one in jurassic park movie)

Ace said...

This is getting ridiculous. I have answered your questions in my comments above, with your questions re-posted in italics to distinguish them from my answers. If you want to see a dinosaur fossil all you need to do is visit a museum of natural history and/or get in touch with a palaeontologist. If you don't want to believe in dinosaurs or Mars or gravity or bacteria, be my guest.It is fine with me. I am not convincing you about the existence of dinosaurs. It doesn't affect me if you wish to have absurd beliefs. But somehow you seem hellbent on convincing me that there is a god, but you have provided no evidence to back such a claim. All you have been doing is asserting that there is a god.

jk said...

u r stuck with ur belief system and me by mine
u want to hear and read only things that u fell is good or within ur belief
so u call others statements as inane and ridiculous

for me and more than 95%of the world there is god

let sense prevail
this is my last comment if u don't reply.thanks

jk said...

u tell me to visit a museum where u believe in some dead fossils

i tell u just ask ur grandfather or grandmother or father,mother or elder brother or sister

ur own living personnels will prove u the existence of god

but u will not believe them too .

Ace said...

u r stuck with ur belief system
Calling atheism a belief system is like calling 'not playing cricket' a sport. You don't believe is leprechauns or unicorns or the Flying Spaghetti Monster or Xenu or Thetans, do you? Does that constitute a belief system?

for me and more than 95%of the world there is god
It is about 84%. Please don't make up your own statistics. And not all of you guys believe in the same god, do you? Tell me after your are done unanimously agreeing on which god it is. Oh and at the risk of sounding repetitive, please back up your answers with evidence for the supernatural deity.

this is my last comment if u don't reply.
And if I do? I can go on like this dude. Back up your claims with empirical evidence and maybe we can talk.

Ace said...

i tell u just ask ur grandfather or grandmother or father,mother or elder brother or sister

I will believe them if they prove the existence of a god, not merely assert it the way you have been doing. And my parents are fine with my being an atheist, and they even agree with some of my points. I don't see why it matters so much to you.

jk said...

ooh i see !

ur parents have no problem
they have liberated u
so why m i arguing and wasting my time.

by the way what proof do u require about gods existence that might satisfy u?be precise

Ace said...

they have liberated u
How does letting me make up my own mind about the existence of the supernatural world tantamount to 'liberating' me? And what do you mean 'liberated'? What kind of parents keep their children 'captive'?

by the way what proof do u require about gods existence that might satisfy u?
Well, you are the one making the claim. So you should have some kind of evidence to back it up that you might let me take a look at. If I wanted you to believe that unicorns exist, I would not be asking you what kind of proof you need. I would be showing you the evidence I would be having.

jk said...

u seem to be doing some phd in English
checking every word in dictionary and making exact sense of it.
see i m giving u reasons but will u believe those no.

there r lacs of temples in holy places even archeologist have found palaces at places where so called mythological stories took place.
people visiting these places feel good and their lives take turns

bhagvat gita claims that every human is governed by his work and karma theory
it also claims that all material things we posses are not ours
its all gods leela or play and we are mere players

u cant move a leaf without gods will can u.
i support u that in todays world when everyone is educated no one wants to be associated with old traditions and religion or for say god itself.
but u cant ignore the fact that if their is truth its that their is god ,supreme power governing us.
even in USA where its most liberal country they have printed in currency note "in god we trust"

where as in india its nowhere.

so can u say there are more non believers in India than in usa

its like that u cant show me a dinosaur live and exclusive ,only its fossils and i cant show u god live and exclusive but place where its existence shows in shrines and books

Ace said...

checking every word in dictionary and making exact sense of it.
Do you mean to say that you use words without checking to see if they make sense in the context in which we are talking?

here r lacs of temples in holy places even archeologist have found palaces
Archeologists find temples and palaces all the time. It is what they do! Heck, they found an entire city buried - Harappa. What does it have anything to do with the existence of a god? And as for as mythological stories go, there is a myth that says that there once existed a continent called Atlantis which went under the sea. Now, if such a continent were actually to be discovered under the sea some day, it would merely confirm that the myth is true and that such a place actually did exist in the past. But how does it verify anything supernatural that people claim might have happened in Atlantis when it existed?

people visiting these places feel good
People feel good when they visit different places. The religious feel good when they visit shrines - Hindus in temples, Muslims in Mecca, Catholics at the Vatican. That doesn't mean that any of these faiths is true or that any of the gods that these faiths profess is true. Naturophiles feel good and one with nature when they visit a quiet mountainside, or sit by a dry riverbed. There is a psychological, neurological reason behind it. How does it prove anything supernatural?

even in USA where its most liberal country they have printed in currency note "in god we trust"
Who said the US is a liberal country? It is largely conservative! Look around you. Read up the news to see what's going on here. Liberalization is being rampantly crushed wherever possible. I live in the 'Bible belt' of the US and I see it happening around me every day.The US is amongst the most religious countries in the world, although constitutionally, it is secular. 'In god we trust' was not introduced on the dollar bills until after World War II, during the Cold War era, by a religious, conservative government that wanted to set America apart from 'godless communist USSR'. It was an unconstitutional move, and secular organizations in the US today are trying their best to get the line removed. I have yet to check the demographics of religiosity in India, but merely our currency not bearing any reference to god is not a gauge of the percentage of non-believers.

its like that u cant show me a dinosaur live and exclusive ,only its fossils
That is because dinosaurs are extinct.(A few evolved into birds.) A very small percentage of organisms that get buried gets fossilized, and we are lucky to be finding fossils at all, in the first place. Fossils are a treasure trove of knowledge in that the igneous rock that they are found in can be dated using radioactive isotopes to find out how old they are and which era they belonged to. Not just dinosaur fossils; all fossils, plant and animal. Fossils provide us with useful information through the DNA obtained from them. And we can and have predicted and discovered transitional forms that played a part in the evolution of life on earth.

Now, you would be justified in asking me for evidence if I claimed that leprechauns or unicorns or the Loch Ness Monster or the Abominable Snowman exists, because there is absolutely no evidence of such creatures existing; only hearsay accounts. Personal anecdotes don't count for evidence. People claim to see UFO's and be abducted by aliens. Some claim to be possessed by demons. Some believe Jesus/god speaks to them. Some believe Allah converses with them personally. Some claim to see or feel god. But there isn't a shred of evidence for any of it to be true. They could be lying or hallucinating. Why should one believe such extraordinary claims? What should be our approach while examining such claims? One of skepticism or one of credulity? Remember Carl Sagan's famous quote: 'Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.'

Your claim, JK, of a supernatural, magical deity, with a mind and intelligence and intentions of its own, and a will and a power to carry out those intentions, is one such extra-ordinary claim, no different from the claims of people that see Jesus or Allah or aliens or the Loch Ness monster, and will be treated as such by skeptics, unless you provide observable and testable empirical evidence to back it. Until then, you have to accept that your belief in a god is a matter of faith, and that you believe in a god because you want him to exist, and not in the face of any testable evidence.

And as for your claims about the merits of the Bhagvad Gita, I cannot defend or refute your claims, not having read it myself. But I want you to look up a certain Indian Islamic apologist named Zakir Naik on youtube and watch his videos. He makes a case, with as much fervor as you, that the Qu'ran is the ultimate word of god and that Allah is the one true good, because the Qu'ran, according to him, provides all the knowledge about the universe and doesn't go wrong anywhere, is totally logical, and is, like you say about the Gita, 'the best book ever written.' He even proceeds to prove his claims, though I must say that his arguments can be refuted by somebody with enough knowledge of history and science. The same thing with Bible thumping evangelicals. They make similar claims about the Bible being the true word of god, the source of all knowledge, the bastion of all morality and thus Jesus is the one true god, who also happens to be his own only begotten son. So while I respect your right to think what you want about the Gita, I want you to consider that people from other religions feel the same way about their own respective holy books and their own religions. And you are no different from them.

jk said...

i use my language as easily and and casually as any ordinary man does.
sorry but i don't use dictionary for checking all words in my sentences.
i don't know about Atlantis (i don't care too)but as far as so called Hindu mythological stories go ,as far as i m concern they r all true.
what do u expect GOD to come to u and prove its existence?

as i have already said i dont want u to read Bhagvat gita as religious book or as word of god.
read it like u read any other interesting book.

i assure u their is nothing in it which can force u to change ur mind as an ashiest .

read it not because u r a Hindu but as a respectable book written by an noted author.(at least u can do that)
again i m losing anything on u being a ashiest .(and i don't care too)
but u r still a very small person to ignore the fact of god and religion.
as far as Zakir Naik & co and ur youtube goes they claim it as word of god and want people to follow it completely and their fatwas and commandments etc etc

where as i claim Bhagvat gita just as a simple respectable book which shows best life management lessons.
even i havent read it fully.

Hinduism itself is diverse ,no two Hindu family follow same god,except ganpati their is lot of uncommon deity in different forms.

Muslims claim of only one god and forcing all to accept it is unethical .

at least u are born in Hindu family allowed u to be an ashiest , 99.9%Muslims won't really allow that .(as far as i know,u r any time good with statistics)

for me at least terrorist have religion

99% Muslims
1% others(reason:for saving their religion)
and even this i m not saying because i m a HINDU but looking around current affairs of the world.

jk said...

Why do you worry, Whom or what do you fear, Who can kill or harm you? The soul is never born... nor is it subject to death.

What has happened has happened, and it has happened for some good. What is happening is also for some good, and what will happen, will be also for your good. So, don't repent about the past, neither worry about the future. The present is here, just live it.

What have you lost that you grieve, What did you bring along that you lost, What did you produce or create that has been destroyed? You never brought anything along. Whatever you gained, you gained it from here. Whatever you lost, you lost it here. You came empty handed, and you will leave empty handed. What is yours today, belonged to someone else before, and will belong to someone else tomorrow, and to another person at some other time. What you take as yours, the material things, relations etc. and feel so contended, those very things and the feeling of contention resulting from such thoughts, are the real cause of your sufferings.

Change is the essence of Life. What you think as Death, is in fact a new beginning in itself, a new life. In one moment you become a millionaire, the next moment you become poor. Remove such thoughts like.... yours & mine, big & small, ours & yours, etc.... then you will see that all belongs to you and you belong to all.

Neither this body is yours nor you belong to this body. It is composed of Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Space and will dissolve into these at your death. Only the soul is eternal, and is a part of that Bigger Soul, we call God. He who understands this fact of life, is absolved of all fear, worries, sufferings and sorrow.

Whatever you do, just surrender your achievements or failures to God. This way you will experience eternal bliss void of any EGO, desires and sorrows.

now i find nothing offensive in that .
u can delete this mssg if u think its wrong.
thanks take care
and again GOD bless u .haha