Monday, February 11, 2008


Warning: Crass language.

I was out of touch with news from home for a few days, busy with homework etc. A friend happened to mention the recent attacks on 'immigrants' in Bombay. A little google news search threw up appalling headlines, with equally appalling pictures. I am guessing that much has been said and written about the issue - defense, condemnation, and fence sitting. I just wish to add my worthless rant.

First the disclaimer - I do think the problem itself is very real and very grave. I do think the unchecked migration of job-seekers into Bombay is an issue that needs to be addressed, and addressed fast. Bombay does not have the capacity to accommodate and feed countless people. There aren't jobs for everyone. It results in poverty, low standard of living, health problems and invariably, in rising crime. What I do hold, is that beating the shit out of bhaiya taxi drivers and vada paav vendors is no solution. It only serves to aggravate the problem.

Now, my main point - I do not think Raj Thackeray or other perpetrators of similar violence think it is a solution either. They know they are not attempting to solve the problem. They know nothing is going to come out of it. They don't frickin' care. They have neither the ability, nor the will it takes, and they know it.

Why all the carnage then? Why, to seek attention of course! Beat up a few defenseless individuals in mobs of dozens, break their bones, smash their vehicles to smithereens and lo! You hog the limelight for the next few weeks to come. They will be talking about you, that is for sure! There will be interviews, speeches, debates, protests, talk shows. Everything will be about you. And in the ensuing elections, you will of course, garner the capacity votes of people who support your 'cause'; people with thinking as warped as your own.

Why? Just why is it so very easy to be important? Who the hell makes these retards the bosses? Why is it that they believe they are the law or above it, and feel secure enough to engage in acts of battery, without the slightest fear of any repercussion, and to later justify those shameless acts of cowardice? You are physically hurting; punching, kicking, trampling on, dealing blows to an unarmed human being, who never meant you any harm and is striving hard to make ends meet. How morally decrepit can one get?

In one of the episodes of the popular TV series 'South Park', humans from 3000 AD travel back in time to the present to seek jobs, as there aren't enough jobs in the future. Since these future humans (called 'Goobacks' in the episode) are willing to work for paltry wages, they soon begin to replace the current workmen, and many people from the present are rendered jobless. The jobless men come up with a solution - they take off their clothes, get on top of one another and engage in a gay orgy. Their justification - if everyone becomes gay, there won't be any children, hence no future and no ‘goobacks’ to travel back in time and snatch away jobs from their current holders. The insane orgy continues till a bunch of sensible nine year olds explain that the solution to the problem, is not to stop the future from happening but to make it better, starting now. Replace the people from the future with people from other states and the sexual gratification with a sadistic one, and you have the current scenario in Bombay.

The 'gay-pile' of South Park residents

The more I read about it, the more I think, and the more my blood boils. It is time we showed these mindless self-appointed upholders of justice their place. But then again, fat chance this will happen. I just hope, very hopelessly hope, that these rotting souls meet a very ghastly, violent end, live to see their decapitated limbs, taste their own gastric acid maybe.

Son of the soil? 'Son of a bitch' is more like it.

PS: I am open to criticism and debate through the comments section. However, I do not support any political party, and I plead you to not crap the section with comments that assume I have a political agenda that is one with the Shiv Sena or the Congress or any party that the MNS is against. In other words, I don't want inane comments that go 'The Shiv Sena also does this' or 'The Congress doesn't do that'. That shall be much appreciated. Thank you.