Friday, June 29, 2007

An Ode to You, My Hateful Friend

...and I wrote this one four years back. Blogging wasn't a very common thing then. Just thought of putting up a couple of my old poems. Shall publish new posts soon. :)

I wrote the following poem in the wake of the communal riots that took place in Gujarat in 2002.

An Ode to You, My Hateful Friend
There were times we drank to each other’s health,
Had no love for hate, no lust for wealth,
And a friendship that was zooming uphill
Till the day you broke the glass of goodwill.
Bitter thoughts were all it took
For you, my friend, to take another look-
You chose religion at camaraderie’s cost,
And since then you forever lost
The path to the One you set out to find
But left this trail of blood behind.
A cut, a jab, a stab of your knife-
Waiting for death to gift me life,
I screamed a lowly silent scream,
Wishing it to be only a dream.
 Down on my knees, for mercy I begged,
“Kill him now” the Hate Merchants egged,
“Spare my life,” I pleaded in vain,
But hatred brought bloodshed in her reign.
And amidst my turbulent despair,
Hoping for hope of some pity and care.
But hatred had made you so very blind,
You didn’t mind the blindness; you had lost your mind.
You slit my throat, you stopped my breath,
Smashed my skull, bludgeoned me to death.
Kill and destroy, break and burn,
Are there lessons we shall never learn?
But I promise, if I had any clue,
I’d rather not this fate befall you.
How much strife can you give and take,
Just a heartfelt lament I’d like to make,
With which I shall end my woeful verse-
Communalism is a bloodthirsty curse.

Kise kaafir kahega, kise kaayar kahega
Teri kab tak chalegi ho
Arre mandir ye chup hai, arre masjid hai gumsum
Ibaadat thak padegi ho
Samay ki laal aandhi, kabristan ke raste
Arre latpath chalegi ho
Arre neendein hain zakhmi, arre sapne hain bhookhe
Ki karvat phat padegi ho...

from the song 'Bandeh' by Indian Ocean, OST 'Black Friday'


Devki said...


Athena said...

Seriously beautiful!! I have always wished I could compose poetry - but was never able to :-)

This is remarkable and deep!!

Waiting eagerly for the rest of the repertoire! ;-)

balaji said...

nice...i wish i could write poetry..really nice

Amit Pagedar said...

Read this poem again , and it gives a different meaning now. Something I had not noticed the first time.Nice way to tell exactly what happened and yet expect to withhold it all.:)

Something I like about poetry is the power of subtle communication. The deeper the reader seeks, the more secrets you reveal. Loved the poem.

Lyandra D'souza said...

i agree.. very very beautiful

im going to link you if u dont mind. Not that many people read my blog but still

Ada said...
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Ada said...

Good nt good at poetry just penned down a few lines, cudnt resist..

Har insaan aaj kahe
Maine toh chaha hi nahi
Kaash koi roke is sazaa ko
Jo maine kamayaa hi nahi

Dil ghabrataa hai,
Jab dekha mere aangan mein lahoon
Dho na paaye, inhe koi bhi aansoon

Waqt kab legi tu karvat
Kab rukega yeh nashaa
Kise toh mile woh chain
Aur naa de ek doosre ko hum bad-duaa

Aayega who ek din, jab awaaz uthegi
Girenge who khambe jisne daraar banayi..!

Muskurate hue chehre
Saaf dil ka jeena
koi toh pukaare, Koi le aaye
Ae zindagi tu gayi kahaan?