Sunday, February 19, 2006

First Thoughts...

Rang De Basanti...can't think of another topic to begin posting with.Rarely is a movie made that isn't just a movie;it is an experience that doesn't end with the movie in 2 1/2 hours,but one that leaves you with thoughts and afterthoughts that linger for a long time after the credits roll.An experience that inspires without being preachy,one that makes you exult in joy and weep in sorrow at once;humour,tension,sadness and of course,patriotism with paradoxical jumps between the present and the past,ornated by thematically befitting music are intermingled to form a fascinating mosaic that doesn't just enthrall and entertain;it leaves you shaken and restless.You try and convince yourself that the characters you see onscreen are just paid actors..try and convince yourself that the plotline that unfurls before your eyes is just a story..try and detach yourself from the emotions felt by the characters...try not to laugh with them...try not to feel their misery...try to stop that tear from rolling down your cheek...try not to feel the fury that they feel at the apathy shown towards them...try telling yourself it is just a movie.You cannot.You just cannot.
So go ahead.If you haven't seen the movie already,do watch it...and get drenched in a new rang of inspiration and awakening.As a stanza in one of the songs in the movie goes-

Hone hone de nasha, khone khone ko hai kya
Ek saans mein pi ja, zara zindagi chadha
Hai to yeh ek jashn, tu thirakne de kadam
Abhi saanson mein hai dum, abhi chalne de sitam...